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18 and older!! The smuttiest smut that ever smutted NSFW!
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I go by the name Cotton. Yes I have a cottontail right above my butt crack
My talents are squirting, dp,anal,double anal l wha.. wha.. what??? ( and your whispering to your self damn this bitch is a freak)
love to do feet fetish shows ( my feet are beautiful)
I can in fact Do it like that with a dick in me:) 🙂 🙂
I watch a ridiculous amount of porn. most the time I’m watching it and camming.

my PG side
*I am a movie buff
favorite movies i can think of right now -John Wick,Big hero 6,Under the skin ( that score), birdman,fear and loathing well any thing with Johnny depp, Horns, Teeth, Harry potter, Interstellar.. ahh all i can think of now..
favorite tv show – Obsessed with Spartacus, Game of thrones, big bang theory, dexter ( except for the ending), workaholics, archer, athf anything, family guy, Attack on titan, Claymore, The office (Jim is my fantasy), Samurai champloo,
*I love watching sex documentaries have you watched the show How sex changed the world? its a fucking history lesson like literally.
*I love tattoos and plan to be covered if you could help me with this goal. I will love you forever!
*I’m not a follower of satan but I dig his fashion sense 😉
*My cat is a attention whore and will stop at nothing to be seen or heard while i perform

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