How to increase chaturbate earnings

How to increase earnings with chaturbate

We Will Teach You How.

What we are going to teach you is how to earn 20% commission on all tokens purchased by your referrals. At present most cam models just send fans to their direct cam link from the Chaturbate home page for example This is inadvertently causing you to lose so much money in missed commissions.

Let’s Get Started.

First of all you will need to decide if you wish to send fans to Chaturbate itself, or a copy of Chaturbate (custom whitelabel) that looks and operates exactly the same as Chaturbate but has your logo branding and color scheme. An example of a whitelabel of Chaturbate looks like this

Directly To Chaturbate.

To do this you will need to go to this LINK and set up an affiliate account, if you haven’t done so already. It is 100% free to set up this account and will only take a few seconds. Once you have been approved you will be able to log into the affiliate dashboard from the ‘affiliate program’ link at the bottom of the site.

From here you can just navigate to the ‘linking codes’ tab and choose which link you would like to use. You will see $1 per registration at the top of the page but if you scroll down you will see 20% rev share. This is the offer you need to use as 20% rev share will make you a lot more money than just $1 sign ups. Some fans will spend thousands each year between you and other cam girls.

A simple method you could adopt would be to highlight and copy a ‘your chat room’ link and paste it over at This will enable you to shorten the link to make it look much more pretty but also customize the wording for example This will give you a much higher CTR (click through rate) than some ugly long link. But test it for yourself to see what you think. The idea of doing this is that when someone uses your link to go to Chaturbate you received 20% of all tokens purchased by that referral for life. If you just link to ‘your direct cam page’ without using the affiliate program you might be sending large amounts of spending traffic to Chaturbate only to have that traffic spending money on other girls and not you ๐Ÿ™ and therefore you receiving nothing.

Another possibly even easier method is to navigate over to the ‘white labels’ tab in the affiliate zone and click ‘add new’. If you work through the few steps like color options then click save you will be able to create a white label. This will enable you to be able to use a link like This kind of link looks great and will convert well. The only problem with this link is that when others share your cam or other peoples after going to Chaturbate through your link you will not get any credit (commission) as they will be sharing a direct link. This brings us to the next option. A custom domain white label!

Creating a Custom Domain White Label.

An example of one of these is You will see that you can navigate to your cam link in that whitelabel and copy the link URL and share it everywhere. Note, if you can’t see your cam then it will be that under settings you have chosen to not appear on white label sites. This can be easily changed so you appear on them by just clicking the box. You would be crazy not to have this selected as the amount of traffic that comes from white labels is astonishing. The added benefit of doing things this way is that if you make your logo look great and use a good domain for example then you will make a ton of money as when others share your cam link and other cam links, it will send more traffic to this white label site of yours ๐Ÿ™‚ And you will earn 20% of all tokens purchased on your white label. This works amazingly well if you plan a good domain and attractive logo correctly.

Now you ask, “how do you set up a custom domain white label?” The best way to do this is to just follow this step by step guide. If after looking at that guide you are overwhelmed and don’t understand what it all means you can contact us and we will help you, or for just $20 a year we can purchase a custom domain and set up your custom white label website for you. All we require you to do is to go here and pick a great domain name then let us know and make sure you have joined the affiliate program. Another supplementary benefit of using a custom domain is that if Chaturbate ever goes out of business, or you wish to use another Company’s white label program you can just direct your domain to the new Company. That way you effectively keep and own all your domains traffic. This is basically like goodwill for your online business as traffic = $$’s.

If you need help with any of these methods or anything else please feel free to contact us. We are only too happy to help and love seeing others make bank online.