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How To Make Money With Instagram

How To Make Money With Instagram

Let’s Dominate Instagram Pages

In this guide we will teach you how to make some seriously good money with Instagram pages. We will be doing this with an affiliate dashboard called crak. They have hundreds of offers so it is easy to find something that will convert with your traffic.

You will need to sign up to their program. It won’t take long to fill out a few of your details. While you’re awaiting your sign up to be confirmed you should get started making an Instagram page if you haven’t got one already.
You should have a look around at some cool pages that you are interested in and are popular and look to copy what they do. That is, in the style of posts they make. Are they mostly funny videos? Do they post educational material? Are they posting sexy babe vids?  Copy them.

Let’s take the example of a sexy babes page. You need to be careful with this type of page due to Instagram not being porn friendly.  And they don’t like female nips neither… hehe GAY!!!


You set up your page, add about 10 videos from the start to kick off the page. Then make a post 3 times a day on average and spread each of these throughout the day.

Each day you will follow between 20 to 50 people that most likely will be into your niche. Also each day after the first you should unfollow about 1/3 of these that don’t follow you back. Otherwise you will cap out at 7,500 accounts that you are following and it will be harder to grow.

After about 2 weeks of posting you will be ready to start monetizing your page. Add something in your bio along the lines of one of these:

  • free dating site with girls we post on our page
  • 100% free love test
  • give us your review here

Or any other wording that works with getting people to your offer link that you will chose. If you have a page dedicated to just one model (a fan page), then you can target it to say, watch “girls name” free here on “site name”.

You can use a link shortner site like bitly or google to shorten your affiliate offer that you get after joining crak. With bitly you can also create a login for free and this will enable you to customize your link text. So you can make your link look like, bitly. com/”girlsname”
That link style will greatly increase your conversions and click through rate (CTR).

Some of the offers will be as an example $4 for having someone just click your link and add their email and not even needing to provide a credit card. Other offers will pay like $60 each time someone signs up and puts in their credit card. You need to just test each offer and see what converts with your traffic.

Another twist on this is to message other popular Instagram accounts and either ask for a shout out or to rent a URL website link spot on their page. You might pay a couple of bucks for either of these options and they should then convert to completions of your offer and make you some money.

You need to keep in mind that many pages on Instagram are run by teens and college students who will entertain an offer well below real market rates for ‘link placement rents etc’. It might be say $5 a month for a link placement. This helps you making more return on investment (ROI). You might even find a page that offers to place your link on their page for free. This is the dream but does happen at times. If you do buy link rents and shout outs you should add a tracking code in your link so you can record conversions from each page. This is so you know which pages you should keep renting from or pay for more shout outs from. It’s all about testing everything.  You will see how to add a link tracking code when you go into the offers dashboard at crak.

These techniques can even be used in conjunction with this blog post we made on how to get paid recruiting cam girls.

Onlyfans Promo Technique

Another twist on this method is to use the Onlyfans program. If you use this program you will be paid 5% for life of what any model makes if they sign up through your link. For this you really need to target models rather than people that are just looking to join and subscribe to watch other models.

With the onlyfans method you can make a hell of a lot of money if you consider many girls make over $1,000 USD a week with the program. So if you make $50 every time a model makes $1,000 and you have a few models join through you, it’s not hard to see that this will add up to a decent income..  And the best part is it’s FOR LIFE!!!

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