How to make more money as a webcam model

how to make more money as a webcam model

We share some easy things you can implement to earn more money doing cam shows.

If you cam on sites like chaturbate then you can create links on the side of your cam video stream window and link to your social sites like Twitter and Instagram. You should always do this as you can then build something of value and create an asset in your own following. You will be able to monetize this following in time. If for whatever reason the site you have been camming on for the last few years closes down or has troubles running you do not want to be broke with nowhere to do shows. If you have built this followship to your social accounts then all you need to do is a few posts saying you have moved to a different caming site and very quickly you will be making the same or even more money than you did before. Another method you can use it to buy your own domain. It can be your cam name .com or some other cute name you like (best place to get a domain only is Mojohost). Then you can use a guide like this one to show you how to set up a whitelabel if you cam on sites like chaturbate that allow whitelabels. This will allow you to create basically a copy of chaturbate so all traffic on the domain you have purchased will stay yours. So if the cam business ever closes down or you wish to use a different cam business for whatever reason all you have to do is change where your domain is pointed. This works very well and you will also earn 20% of all tokens purchased through your domain. This adds up very quickly to a nice income on its own. If you cam with a site like my free cams that doesn’t offer a whitelabel currently you can use your domain you have purchased and redirect it to my free cams so you get paid 20% of all money spent through your domain that way. To do this you will need to sign up to Crakrevenue and click on the offer for my free cams and then direct your domain to this offer link. If you need help with any of this please just message us on here and we are more than happy to help you or set it up for you. We have done it for many camgirls to date and they have been earning very nicely 🙂

Make sure you have created a Twitter and Instagram account at the very least for social and post to them once a day and occasionally more. Don’t spam these accounts though with hundreds or even tens of pics a day. If you post too many pics a day it will ‘clog’ up peoples feeds and they will get pissed off at you and ‘unfollow’ you. Make sure pictures you post are taken with a good quality camera. Don’t put up blurry pixelated pics as these will get very few ‘likes’, ‘retweets’ or ‘hearts’ (depending on your social platform) and decrease your page’s engagement. Make sure your pics are of something worth seeing too, boring things like the grass in your back yard will not be well received. It goes without saying, but we will say it…  You must have a very good quality camera and some good lighting for when you are doing your cam shows. Many guys will open up your cam stream and if it isn’t clear HD then they will close it again. No matter how sexy and pretty you look or what ever you are doing on cam. You can get HD cameras very cheap nowadays on sites like Amazon and on Amazon you can even buy professional style lighting for about $100 bucks. These are those big black lights that look like big boxes with stands. Yes, your room where you cam might look a bit like a porn studio set but it should look that way, as this will sometimes be the difference between you earning $5,000 a week instead of $500 a week with a bad camera and no lighting.

You must engage with people on Insta and Twitter. Yes, this does take time but it is a necessary evil in order to have a dedicated following that love you for you. You will see accounts that just schedule a few posts to be posted throughout the week and not even open up their social platforms for the whole week. These pages generally do not do as well as pages that engage with their audience. Talk about anything, but if you are webcam related then usually sexy talk works well. Sometimes a simple ‘hello’ can have someone engaged with you and ready to watch your cam show. This could be the difference between this person spending money on you or not.

Sometimes if you come across a wealthy person they can spend over $100,000 a year on you. It doesn’t take long to see that this kind of money can become life changing for you. When girls first start out webcaming they complain about having to work on their social profiles as creating engagement is not like a job at McDonald’s where your effort (time) is directly rewarded with a monetary benefit. The creation of engagement online can’t be easily valued in traditional ways but when a man spends $100,000 a year on you then you will be very happy you did it. Make sure you reply to all private messages too but if the person is rude feel free to then ignore them a little.

While on the topic of engagement we will also mention that you should try to engage with others in the same business. This helps as their follows will generally be more inclined to follow other cam girls, than just random social accounts that you don’t know what the person at the other end it on social looking for. Although at the end of the day most are on social for a connection, even if it be non-sexual.

Post sneaky video clips on occasion and do insta stories at least 3 times a week, if not more.  Don’t just post pictures everywhere, show that you are a real, genuine person and share things in your life that you are passionate about. With the growth of video on social it is a must nowadays to partake in. As you are already a camgirl you should be fairly comfortable with being on video filming yourself or even situations you are in.

Try to follow around 50 accounts each day on insta and twitter but definitely not more. This is done as often when a person receives a new follower they will do a quick ‘stalk’ of the person that started following them. During this quick check of your profile if they like what they see they will most likely give you a ‘follow’.  Don’t follow too many accounts at once as you risk getting banned or your page flagged and shadow banned. Being shadow banned is almost as bad as not being on social at all as the platform will use their algorithm to make sure your posts are generally not put in other’s feeds. This means you will receive very little engagement and very few new fans.

When posting on twitter sometimes do posts like “retweet if you want me to take it off” while wearing sexy lingerie for example. Some girls might even post a pic of their pussy and say “retweet if you want to fuck me” depending on how out there you are. These posts will often get very good engagement and you will almost definitely receive a few more followers. If you take the lingerie approach on Instagram be very careful as they have a rather strict no nudity and even nothing sexual policy. Definitely don’t try the pussy shot on their platform as you will get your account immediately banned 🙁

Don’t appear too spamy when you post on social. Don’t post using 20 hashtags and tag heaps of randoms. Once you grow a little you will need none, or very few hashtags or tags in order to receive great engagement from your posts.

Make listings on sites like Find Cam Girl.  This will help you get more fans and followers to your social accounts and also to your shows. We run a free site here so happily take advantage of this. We would love if you do create a listing on our site that you share it where you can to help us grow. If you can find any other sites like ours, list on them too. As they say in the business, all publicity is good publicity.

You can try doing Skype shows and listing on sites like Find Skype Sex but you then need to decide what payment provider you will use to receive money from customers. Paypal is not adult friendly so it is best to research other options.  Options to be considered can be everything from crypto currencies to amazon gift cards and will depend on many variables.

Set up an Amazon watchlist of things you would love for free. Sometimes your fans will buy these for you especially if you offer to wear them or use them (depending what they are) and post a pic once received.  Make sure if you do this you actually follow through with showing off your purchase for them though. One scam style post that you don’t follow through on could turn that person off you for good and that person could be that person that was about to spend $100,000 a year on you. If you require any adult toys or accessories for your shows or even crazy huge dildos for funny social posts 🙂 then we use and recommend The Discount Adult Shop. They will look after you with all your needs.

When doing shows on Chaturbate ask viewers to follow you when you finish your shows or even at boring times (if any) during your shows, so that they know when your next on. This will slowly give you a following that logs on to your shows as soon as you start broadcasting. This means you will be higher up the pages of camers and may even be awarded bonus prizes for being ‘top show’ for that day/hour etc.

We hope this has helped you with a few ideas that may very well enable you to finally get that $100,000 a year tipper that you dream of.

If you would like to know anything further reach out to us and we will try to help. Please let us know if there is anything you feel we should add to this guide.

Further to this we recommend you try to only use these well know cam sites to cam on. You don’t want to risk signing up to a ‘fake’ cam site and giving them all your personal details or working for a week or two and not being paid for all that hard work.