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How To Use OnlyFans Referral Program

How To Use The OnlyFans Referral Program

Looking To Make More Money With OnlyFans?

Well here is your chance. Most stars on OnlyFans will often post the link to their page without adding a referral code. This is costing them dearly in the form of missed commission income.

If you go to you can quickly register for the program and from there you just need to go to to view your referral commissions balance and also see all members that you have referred. Once you have joined the referrals program you will have a new tab under your profile called ‘My Referrals’.

You can then use your referral code when sharing your link everywhere.

Your referral code will look like this

Notice that it is just your normal page URL but you add onto the end of it question mark, ref, equals and then your number.      ?ref=2778249

By doing this it will enable you to make 5% for life of any OnlyFans models you refer. Just think if you refer 10 people and they each make $1,000 a week, you make $500 a week just from using your referral code. If you can’t see how much doing this will help you then you probably are in the wrong business.

Good luck, and if you require help with anything please contact us to ask. We are only too happy to help.

We recommend instead of using the OnlyFans referral program that you join and use LoyalFans. This article explains why it’s far superior in every way.

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