Replace your job by recruiting cam girls

$900 a Week and About 30 Minutes a Day

$900 a Week Working About 30 Minutes a Day

Sounds far fetched doesn’t it? Well it’s not and we are here to teach you how. This has become an amazing adult chat side hustle for many people that were looking to quit their 9-5 job.

The first step is to join the Chaturbate affiliate program. The program pays you a flat rate of $50 for each web camera model you recruit. The only requirement is that they earn $20 before you are paid. This is to stop scammers signing up and not actually partaking in camming.

It doesn’t take much of a brain to see that a few signups each week can replace your job. Now the big question is “how do you get cam girls to sign up”?

This sounds challenging but it can be quite simple. If you are a cam girl already you just need to use social media and portray the appearance that you make a lot of money from web camming. Sell your lifestyle, be it designer bags and shoes or the fact that you have overcome something very sad in your life or a failure and you have come out a great ‘success’ due to camming. Or if you are not a cam girl you need to show off other cam girls doing well and make other girls see that it can be a great way to earn some extra income each week.

You can use any social media site from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even sites like Badoo. If you haven’t heard of Badoo it is a dating style social site to meet partners. Badoo now has a live stream feature which can also help as you will see possible recruits on cam. If they look ‘sexy’ or like they are a bit ‘flirty’ then camming might be something they are interested in. You should then contact these possible recruits and convince them to join. Make sure they click on your referral code URL link to join. Once you have joined the Chaturbate sign up program you can go to the ‘linkcodes’ tab and you will see your broadcaster sign up link that will look like this.

To make this link more ‘attractive’ you can use a short link site to shorten it, or you can purchase a domain for a couple of bucks a year and redirect the URL to your broadcaster sign up link. If you need help with any of this just contact us and we will be happy to help.

When contacting potential recruits you should design a ‘script’ style of approach to contacting them. This saves you writing the same thing over and over again and it also makes it scaleable so you can potentially recruit others to work for you. You obviously want to personalize things slightly so you appear ‘real’.

Here is the proof from one of our readers that this really is a method that works for making money online.

$900 a Week and About 30 Minutes a Day

If you don’t wish to use the Chaturbate model referral program another program for a very popular site that pays out $100 per model sign up is Flirt4Free.  You can check out their program here.  We recommend you visit both sites and join each for free and get to know each of them. This will help greatly when you are trying to recruit cam models.