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Sophie Muse - Goddess#2
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Short Description
I am not ménage a trois, I am just ménage a moi. I’m so Sophie Muse!
Long Description

Mix sensuality with a twist of passion and a dash of desire. Blend an uncertain amount of lust with two parts of wisdom. Combine wit with sensuality. Enjoy this worthy of a Goddess magic recipe, a potion that gives rise to emotion; to your Goddess.

Laughter and energy go together hand in hand. Where do you keep yours? I am much more of a lady than a child, so you’d better behave. Never forget that I am always in control and always will be. I am aware of my arousing beauty and only proper compliments will make you a gentleman. However, I am still your beloved Goddess, that you will worship forever and ever and ever.

Meet me half way between fascination and carnal desires. Remember my name: Muse. Sophie Muse. Delighted!

  • Sophie Muse - Goddess

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